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The Parc Arts team work to help the artist.

About Us

Based in the historically significant “Parc Chapel” on Princess Street in Treforest, Parc Arts started out life in the digital realm as a series of conversations on podcasts and social media videos called “The Sanctuary,” pioneered by Jess Morgan and Nic Roylance, born out of the needs & questions many experienced during the pandemic.

Whilst “The Sanctuary” is an ongoing work found on Facebook, Instagram and anywhere you stream your podcasts, the work at Parc Chapel expanded during 2022, with the addition of Abs & Nate Orr on staff.

Photo of Parc Arts Chapel building from the outside streets, covered in ivy with warm light pouring out through open door and stained glass windows on to dark streets
Photo of audience members applauding in warm lighting
Photo of Parc Arts Chapel building from the bottom of the entrance steps with posters, ivy and double wooden doors visible

The doors opened to the public thanks to the warm space/creative space “The Cwtsh” in January 2023, which takes place every Thursday from 10am ‘til 2pm. Free hot drinks and café snacks, plus the opportunity to meet like-minded creatives, make this the highlight of our neighbours’ week!

The addition of a robust yearly calendar of arts & music events, curated in collaboration with the local independent creative scenes, mean the community truly is at the heart of what takes place. Once a month open mic nights, indie film screenings, gallery openings and exhibitions, rehearsal spaces and much more. 

Photo of 5 women sitting on chairs being interviewed as part of the International Womens' Day Exhibition

And all this is run ‘not-for-profit,' thanks to the ongoing generosity of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, who own the building, covering staff and maintenance costs.

We do this because it is our duty to care; artists & their audiences are vital to the flourishing of our villages, towns and cities.


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